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تطبيق مفاهيم الموجستيات وأثرها عمى محطة الحاويات بميناء بورتسودان الجنوبي

Show simple item record أميمة عثمان محمد محمد درار الخضر, مشرف 2016-05-24T09:19:24Z 2016-05-24T09:19:24Z 2016-05-24
dc.description.abstract The research is about the influence of the application of logistics on the containers' terminal at the southern port of Port Sudan. New series of quick changes are taking place now in the world all over. These changes took place as a result of the appearance of the new concepts on the Maritime transportation, e.g. Multimodal transportation, Electronic Trade and logistic Management. All these factors have in hands competition among different sectors. The Maritime transportation is the most influential sector by these changes, particularly ports, the thing which lead to the importance of caring about these ports to suit the changes. The research tries to find an answer to the questions appeared at the discussion of the research problem: The research aims to clarify the importance of the application of new concepts and systems, e.g. Containers' system and logistics in Port Sudan Containers' terminal. These new systems are expected to influence positively the efficiency of handling and decreasing expenses and time factor. These systems are also expected to motivate trade and economic development. The research depends on primary and secondary resources. It also depends on descriptive and objective method for the theoretical frame work of the study. The research also depends on analysing facts and using quantitative methods for predictions. Many interviews took place to fulfill the present study. The main results of the study were as follows: - Although there are some logistic activities, but there is no logistic administration at the terminal. - Absence of electronic data interchange (EDI) among the various parties in the terminal. - Weakness of planning due to lack ness of ship documents. The main recommendations were: - There is a great need for establishing a logistic administration for all logistic activities in the terminal. - There should be a network contains the various dealers along with (EDI) system. - Laws and rules related to exports and imports must be revised. en_US
dc.language.iso other en_US
dc.subject ماجستير en_US
dc.subject الماجستير en_US
dc.subject كلية الاقتصاد والعلوم الادارية en_US
dc.subject ماجستير النقل البحرى en_US
dc.subject اللوجستيات en_US
dc.subject الحاويات en_US
dc.subject ميناء بورتسودان الجنوبي en_US
dc.title تطبيق مفاهيم الموجستيات وأثرها عمى محطة الحاويات بميناء بورتسودان الجنوبي en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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