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Synthesis Of ZnO NanostructuresBy Simple Chemistry

Show simple item record Haythem Suliman Basheer Ahmed Hassan Oman Gadein Magdi Elsheikh Idriss Mohammed Elfatih A. Hassan Hasabo Abdelbagi Mohammed Ahmed Shareif. F Babiker 2017-06-21T14:09:31Z 2017-06-21T14:09:31Z 2017-06-21
dc.description.abstract In this work Zinc Oxide nanostructure (NSs) were formed by wet chemistry aqueous growth using equimolar quantities of Zinc Acetate dehydrate & Hexamethylenetetramines (HMTA) (C6H12N4, 99.5%) at low temperature on commercial glass substrate at PH 6.6. The surface morphology of the grown ZnO nanostructures (NSs) was characterized using Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). Images of ZnO nanorods, nanotubes and tetrapods, multipods and nanoflowers were achieved, the average dimensions of nanostructures were ranging between 100 to 300 nm. EDX analysis was used to confirm ZnO presence and UV visible absorption spectrum of ZnO was determined and maximum absorption wavelength was located at 370 nm. The calculated band gab was found to be 3.37 eV. XRD was used to confirm the crystallinity of ZnO (NSs). en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject الاوراق العلمية en_US
dc.subject اوراق علمية en_US
dc.subject Nanostructures en_US
dc.subject nanorods en_US
dc.subject tetrapods en_US
dc.subject nanoflowers en_US
dc.subject wet chemistry en_US
dc.title Synthesis Of ZnO NanostructuresBy Simple Chemistry en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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