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Kinetics Study of CO2 Absorption into Blended Reactive and Non-Reactive Solvents System

Show simple item record Reem Ahmed Mohammed Chandra Mohan 2Usama Eldmerdash 2017-07-03T11:59:16Z 2017-07-03T11:59:16Z 3-7-2017
dc.description.abstract ncreased levels of greenhouse gases (GHG) like CO2, H2S and other sulphuric components are usually present in industrials and producer gases and may lead to global warming and climate change. They may have to be removed from the gas stream (sweetening process) for environmental, operational, economical reasons. Many studies on the kinetics of the reaction of CO2 in aqueous reactive and non-reactive solvents have been reported. But there are still some discrepancies to the values of the reaction rate constants and the influence of absorption conditions (temperature, CO2 partial pressure, amines concentrations and using single or mixtures of physical and chemicals solvents) on these values. Due to the increasing importance of blended-solvent systems in acid-gas treating process it is necessary to have an understanding of the kinetics phenomena in mixed system. The objective of this work is to quantify the effectiveness of physical solvent as a rate promoter in aqueous PZ –Amine mixture. To study the reaction kinetics and to optimize the absorption process parameters using design of experiment software (DOE). A correct interpretation of the kinetics requires the knowledge of physical solubility and diffusivity of CO2 in aqueous solvents solutions. The main deliverable of this project is introducing a novel CO2 absorption solvent together with developing kinetic model to simulate the CO2 absorption at different process variables. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject الاوراق العلمية en_US
dc.subject Acid gases en_US
dc.subject kinetic model en_US
dc.subject Physical solvent-PZ –Amine-H2O mixture en_US
dc.title Kinetics Study of CO2 Absorption into Blended Reactive and Non-Reactive Solvents System en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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